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We follow the journey of an ecstasy pill through testing in Switzerland


Learn about the process of pill testing in Switzerland where there is a legal system for recreational drug testing so that club-goers can make safer and healthier choices. Find out how testing affected this one party-goer's decision in this BBC investigation.

This article originally appeared on BBC

In Switzerland clubbers can get recreational drugs tested to help them make a more "informed choice" before using them.

There is no such system in the UK although "front of house" testing has been trialled at two festivals in 2016.

We went to the Swiss city of Bern to see a pop-up centre where clubbers get their drugs screened weekly.

And we followed a tablet from drop-off to testing and back to the user for results.

How the pill was tested

First we meet 26-year-old clubber "John" as he drops off a pill for testing.

He says he bought it from friends and he believes it is ecstasy.

The pill is in the shape of an owl

John is greeted by drug councillor Nik Hostettler who goes through John's current use and asks two main questions: when he plans to take the pill and whether it will be consumed along with other substances...

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