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This 23-Year-Old Helped Make Kygo One Of The Biggest Names In Music


Hear all about the young man behind EDM sensation Kygo. From how he landed Kygo as a client to the moment he dropped out of school to work full time in the music industry, Myles Shear bears all about his career as Kygo's artist manager in a new interview with Hugh McIntyre for FORBES.

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Myles Shear with his client, electronic musician Kygo (photo by Johannes Lovund).

Many 20-somethings these days are still living with mom and dad, looking for a job, or they may still be finishing school. It’s not unusual for most people that age to be trying to figure out what they want to do for a living, or even if they already know what interests them, it can take years to break into a business and do well. Myles Shear is not only the exception to this norm, he’s perhaps one of the most successful new faces to enter the music industry in a long time. The 23-year-old is perhaps best known for managing EDM artist Kygo, who himself has enjoyed a rise to the top of the charts around the world that took almost no time. In just a few years, and at such a young age, the two men worked together to create a brand and take Kygo’s sound to the masses in a major way, and they are only just getting started.

I recently spoke to Myles about his decision to leave school and enter the music business, what he thinks has made him so successful, and what he’s planning on doing next, as he’s got a long road ahead of him.

Hugh McIntyre: I don’t know what I’m more impressed with, Kygo’s success or yours. How did you two meet?

Myles Shear: I was studying in my college dorm when I was going to Full Sail Orlando. I was just about to turn 20, and I reached out to Kyrre [Kygo’s real name] on Facebook to represent him. I said, “I love your music. I came across you on SoundCloud.” I loved a song of his that was getting some traction, it was on HypeMachine. I was managing another artist at the time that was doing pretty well. I reached out and said that I would love to represent him. I told him what I was up to and what my vision was. I got on a Skype call with him, and I think he liked my enthusiasm, because the next thing you know, I was managing Kygo. That was about three years ago...

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