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EDM.com Spotlight

What Does it Mean for Deadmau5 Fans if Even He Hates His Own Album?

Deadmau5, is getting ready to release his newest album W:/2016Album/, out Dec 2. Known for his sound and stage/live production, deadmau5 has been the talk of the EDM community for the past few months in anticipation of his new album. But what does deadmau5 think about it?

The Mau5 is always pushing boundaries with his powerful critiques of the current state of music. Last year he joined A State of Trance at Ultra and made his sentiments known when he took to the microphone and said (20:28):

“A paycheck's a paycheck, right? Ya can't hate that.”

However, he's also highly opinionated off stage.In social media, deadmau5 has been very vocal in his past critiques of artists. Including calling out high profile acts like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Krewella, and more recently Marshmello.

With all the previous criticism of others, it's no surprise he has an opinion about his most recent production. While every artist can be nervous to release new material, it almost seems as if deadmau5 is trying to deflect criticism by being his worst critic. Despite this, deadmau5 continues to be a major producer with his recent tracks "Snowcone" and "Let Go". His collaboration with Kaskade on "Beneath with Me" is a new anthem which is a great addition to their previous work.

Despite his feelings, deadmau5 is still producing for his legion of mau5heads. Whether or not deadmau5 is satisfied with the newest LP, he continues to strive to be better in all aspects musically, but specifically his production. As fans, this is what we should take away from deadmau5's criticisms.

Cover photo by Rukes.com