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EDM.com Spotlight

Behind the Powerful Animation for Ganja White Night's "LFO Requiem" [WATCH]

Composed of BambY and Erwan, the Belgium electronic music production duo known as Ganja White Night is raising the bar for music videos and the messages they can carry. Joining forces once again with the talented Belgium artist Ebo, the duo recently unleashed their official music video for their cinematic dubstep single "LFO Requiem," which appears on their 2016 album Mr. Wobble.

After finding the video diabolically captivating in its thought-provoking narrative and all-around, eye-popping animation, we couldn't help but feed the urge to speak with Ganja White Night and Ebo about this powerful collaboration.

EDM.com: How did your song "LFO Requiem" come about? What was the creative process like with this track?

GWN: I think it was one of the last tracks we produced for the new album, Mr. Wobble, and I remember we had a strong intention to produce a big one that would add some strong vibes to the album. The voice started our creative process and then everything came together naturally.

EDM.com: What inspired the storyline of the official music video for "LFO Requiem" animated by digital artist Ebo?

Ebo: It's above all a sequel to the first animated music video. But we wanted it to achieve something more complex, more structured with a much more finished image by inserting 3D. It was imperative to have a strong and deep message, and that is why I decided to incorporate a political dimension in the video with this character who looks strangely like the new president of the United States. The message is that the enemy is not always the one we believe. Wobble is taken for an enemy while we quickly realize that violence & hatred is determined by the self-proclaiming party to be part of the good side. And the "Comics" dimension, by introducing an enemy to Wobble, like a Dark version of Wobble, is unique to the US and we love it enormously.

EDM.com: You guys commented that "This is one of the most exciting moments of GWN life"... can you expound on this and provide us with some more context?

GWN: The LFO Requiem music video was released at the end of the October run/mini-tour we did in the US. The most exciting moment of our GWN life just meant that we have never invested as much soul, hope and passion into a project. When we saw the people’s reaction after the first music video, "Wobble Master," we knew people were expecting a sequel. And to be honest, everyday this year has been really exciting...

EDM.com: How did you first come to work with Ebo and how do you all work together exactly? Did everyone contribute to the themes/storyline or was Ebo purely fueled and inspired by the music?

GWN: Ebo and GWN is a long story. I don’t think that a lot of people actually know that he did the first GWN album cover. After this, we worked with Monsta, a UK artist, for few years, and we wanted to work again with Ebo after the 4th album. We contacted him back in 2015 and asked him to work with us again. So we asked him to refresh the image of GWN and work on the cover of our next 2 singles and the Hybrid Distillery album. We were really happy with his job and our fans were so impressed with the new style that we wanted to push the collaboration to the next level. I remember having the dream back in 2013 and realized a full animated music video with a Mr. Wobble kind of character. But the project was unaffordable back in those days… so I kept the idea in mind, and I was really happy to bring it back to the table.

EDM.Com: Ebo, how long have you been animating and what do you love about this art form? How long did this video take to create and how do you hope it resonates with viewers?

Ebo: I took animation lessons 20 years ago in school. But I had not done animation for almost 10 years. What motivated me was that the project with GWN was interesting, and I'm a man who loves a challenge. Animation is a thankless job in a lot of ways because it requires a lot of work very quickly. A music video only stays viral for a few weeks, sometimes a few months, which is difficult to accept when you know that it requires so much time. For LFO Requiem, I worked 40 days, 15 to 17 hours a day without interruption. To be honest, I don't know what to expect from the viewers. It's so complex, everybody will interpret the video in its own way and that's a good thing. I just hope that my work will allow GWN to reach their goals and achieve their dreams with their music.

EDM.com: GWN, What is the main message or takeaway you hope viewers walk away with after watching this video?

The viewers will walk away with the message they want. Expecting to know what people's response will be is too presumptuous. The only thing we can hope is to remind the people they should always look at someone's actions thru a different point of view before judging them.

EDM.com: What role do you think music is playing or what role do you hope it plays amidst our current political climate?

Hahaha.. I am not a utopist for humankind anymore! Music will always be needed for humans, no matter what… But I mean… It doesn’t inherently make the people good. For example, Hitler was a huge fan of Beethoven and so am I. This just shows interpretation is up to the listener. There will always be different interpretation of the same piece of art… That’s what makes art so special I guess… So I think we shouldn’t mix this with politics, because it’s too dangerous.

EDM.com: What are your thoughts on the results of the US Presidential Election?

GWN: Erwan actually has dual citizenship with Belgian & the U.S. so we’ve been paying close attention to the election… We both sincerely hope that this will teach most of the young people that are now everywhere in the streets, they should have been moving their ass first to go vote instead of protesting now…

Ebo: Someone once said, "What we will do is make them think we are the enemy, to give them the impression that they have had a choice."

Be sure to check out Ganja White Night's full album, Mr. Wobble, via Spotify below and keep an eye out for the duo in a city near you as they bring their unique live show across the U.S. for a brand new tour. Tickets and info at ganjawhitenight.com.