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6 Ways to Identify Tracks Without Ever Using Shazam


We've all tried to whip out our phones and launch the Shazam app in time while crossing our fingers that it actually picks up the sound and not the screams and yells. THUMP's David Garber writes a detailed list of six ways - besides Shazam - to identify songs.

This article originally appeared on THUMP

You know the feeling. You're in your favorite dark room, nightclub, or cavernous festival hanger, and that one song emerges through the speakers that you simply must know. You reach into your pocket to trigger Shazam in hopes of musical salvation. After a few twirls of the app's spiraling logo, you receive the ill-fated response: "Sorry, we couldn't quite catch that." Sigh. Defeat. You turn to a friend. Maybe, just maybe, they'll hold the keys to this seemingly unlockable nugget of anonymous music you're losing your mind to. They respond with a shrug, and keep dancing. You've been let down once again.

So what's your next move? Do you creep up to the booth in hopes of catching a glimpse of the CDJ display, or scope the spinning label of the record on the turntable? (Pro tip: don't do that). Eventually the song ends, as does your night. But as you make the journey home, you're still left wondering, what the hell was that damn song? While it might take a dash of resourcefulness, the internet-fueled age we live in has birthed a number of ways in which people can discover the names and artists behind the mysterious, rare, or just u-Shazamable tracks that pique our interest on the dancefloor. Below, we'll outline some of the ways people are using technology to discover music in new, fascinating ways...

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