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Before He Invented Tropical House, Thomas Jack Sold Magic Mushroom Shakes


In a new interview for LA Weekly, music writer Patrick Shannon takes readers into the world of Australian tropical house artist Thomas Jack, giving us a deeper look into the mind and personality behind one of EDM's hottest trends in the last two years.

This article originally appeared on LA Weekly

Thomas Jack | Peter Don

On a quiet side street off Ventura Boulevard, Thomas Jack, the Australian-bred inventor of tropical house, has made a new home.

He’s hovering over a desk in his tapestry strewn, shabby-chic studio, playing one of his new tracks and making small edits to numerous digital audio bites on the laptop’s screen while the vocals of a soulful singer move the track forward. The ends of his long, sun-kissed hair are dancing along to the deep bassline.

There is a large, pink Himalayan salt lamp standing guard next to a new Roland TR-8 drum machine. The lamp is one of many crystals around the studio. Jack recognizes their spiritual significance, but his collection is also representative of his affinity for giving and altruism.

“I’ll use it for a month,” he says of a typical crystal in his possession. “I’ll put all my goodness and energy into it, and then just give it to a friend. I remember one time a buddy gave me this necklace as a gift like four years ago, and it was the best feeling of getting a gift from someone"...

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