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RL Grime Announces Upcoming Album in an Interview with Triple J

RL Grime has kept us all waiting for his next installment of music. This week he made the announcement that his sophomore album will be coming in 2017, in an interview on Australian radio station Triple J.

RL Grime said in the interview that his is “working on an album right now that will likely be out next year and then likely touring off of that.”

In addition to the announcement, he also recently released his annual Halloween V mix. RL Grime then proceeded to release the world premiere of "Waiting". The track released earlier this month to clever marketing which enticed listeners to call a 1-800 number to hear the hyped release. RL Grime previously teased fans with the hyper trap anthem "Aurora."

With the success of debut album Void and recently releases "Aurora” and "Waiting" fans have a lot to look forward to in his live shows. You can look forward to New Year's Eve celebrations with RL Grime, on December 30th at Decadence in Denver, Colorado and December 31st at Lights All Night in El Paso, Texas.

H/T: Triple J

Cover photo courtesy of Rukes.com