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Steve Aoki Remixes MCR's "The Black Parade" for its 10th Anniversary

Steve Aoki is teaming up with My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way to help fans celebrate the 10th Anniversary of “The Black Parade”. This collaboration comes to us exclusively from Buzzfeed, releasing the stunning remix of the hit song.

Steve Aoki shared his thoughts with Buzzfeed on the remix:

“Well, I know it sounds like I’m over-dramatizing, but it really did take me a few months to wrap my head around how I was gonna, you know, ~get into~ the song. Because when you have an incredible song like this, you don’t wanna take away certain parts that are so integral, so important — how do you mess with something that’s already so good? I worked on this remix a lot more than most remixes, for sure. Because it’s a complex beat, and it destroys any formula for writing music. Which is incredible, because it became what it was for that reason, too. Everything that I worked on with this song, everything was fresh — everything was inspired by the song.”

This collaboration sparked from a friendship that grew between Steve Aoki and Gerard Way, who teamed up to create something unique. Gerard Way, also announced that there are currently no plans for a My Chemical Romance reunion tour for the anniversary, but was open to potentially working with Aoki again.

H/T: Buzzfeed