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A Very Long Conversation With The Black Madonna About the Amazing Healing Power of Dance Music


She may be opinionated, but The Black Madonna speaks of truthful perspectives that play into both politics and dance music.

This article originally appeared on Miami New Times

Although it may have taken some time, Marea Stamper’s rise to the forefront of electronic music has been nothing short of remarkable.

Since her days peddling mixtapes outside of raves in the American Midwest, she has steadily become one of the most beloved and in-demand DJs on the international stage. In addition to producing and DJing, Stamper, who goes by The Black Madonna when performing, works as the music director for Chicago’s Smart Bar, dictating the direction and long-term trajectory for the celebrated dance club.

On Wednesday, November 30, Stamper will be DJing alongside Floating Points and Dâm-Funk to commemorate Resident Advisor’s very first Art Basel showcase. In advance of her set, Stamper took the time to speak to New Times about touring in the midst of our nightmarish presidential election, making dance music a place of progression in a time of regression, and the joyous nature of her work.

New Times: “We Still Believe” began as an EP and went on to be the title of your Saturday night residency at Smart Bar. Having now used that phrase as the title of your first major North American tour, has the philosophy behind “We Still Believe” changed at all over the course of your travels?

Marea Stamper: Actually, the phrase came from something that happened at an underground event I threw with some friends in Kentucky. It popped in my mind, and I grabbed a cardboard box and cut it open to unfold it and wrote “We Still Believe” with a shoe-polish marker. We carried the sign around for a long time, putting it up at various illegal events, but eventually it was lost somewhere.


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