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EDM.com Spotlight

What Tips Would You Give to a First Time Raver? [Watch]

There's a lot of excitement that comes with attending your first massive rave or music festival. In order to make your first experience the most memorable, try out our top tips and tricks to help you have the best possible rave experience.

Whether it's your first time attending a show, or its your 500th, don't forget to keep your body healthy and happy before, during, and after the event. Although we can all enjoy losing ourselves in the music, make sure that you take care of priority #1 first...yourself! Stay hydrated, take breaks, and try not to lose your friends. But don't worry, even if you do find yourself alone in the crowd, you can always know that you'll be surrounded kindred souls all floating along on the same wavelength.

Enjoy the music, stay safe, but most importantly have fun!

Anything we missed? Give us a shout in the comments with your favorite raver tips and tricks!

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