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Lido turns existential dissatisfaction into relentless results


Vanessa Tam from Beat Route chats with Lido about what it means to "be music". Lido shares how he got his start, upcoming projects, and exciting new collaborations.

This article originally appeared on Beat Route

With zero ego behind his words, Peder Losnegård states matter-of-factly that “I am music.”

Starting his career producing music under the moniker Lido just a few short years ago, Losnegård goes on to explain what he meant, in that he’s the physical manifestation of his sound. “People are always like, ‘Oh yeah I love music too,’ and, ‘Music means a lot to me too,’ [but] I’m like no. I’m only good if my music is good, so I really am music.”

The background of our phone conversation was washed with the hustle and bustle of a standard afternoon in New York City where the young artist is currently stationed. “I’m trying to learn how to sing, so I’ve been doing vocal lessons,” Losnegård mentions casually. While the multi-instrumentalist has been singing on his own tracks for many years now, he’s only just now taking singing lessons to see if it’ll make a difference in his work. “I’ll always be a drummer and a pianist first and foremost, but now I’m sort of learning that my voice is an instrument too [and] that I should learn how to use [it],” he says.


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