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EDM.com Spotlight

Imagine Festival Makes a Power Move, Announces Dates for 2017

Imagine Festival is trading in its typical August weekend festival for a new weekend in September for 2017.

The news comes via Facebook, where Imagine Festival announced that concerns about the late-summer Georgia heat has prompted festival organizers to find a new date. Renewing itself for 2017, Imagine Festival will once again take place at Atlanta Motor Speedway on September 22-24th.

However, as fans have noted, this is particular September weekend has historically been the date for SFX's massive Tomorroworld. Although the festival was cancelled in 2016 following a particular tumultuous weekend that included unexpected site flooding that left festival goers stranded on the site overnight, SFX has said the festival would return. With Imagine Festival sticking its flag as the festival to be at in Atlanta, what does this mean for the future of Tomorroworld? If the festival returns, can we expect a new date and location?

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Photo courtesy of Alex Perez