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Spotify Used Listener Data to Run a Hilarious Billboard Ad Campaign [PHOTOS]

Embarrassing? Possibly (for those whose data is being advertised to millions).

Hilarious? Yes.

Spotify pulled some notable listening patterns from its robust collection of user data to run an extremely funny billboard ad campaign.

We all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to listening to music, and the beauty of services like Spotify is the fact that you can find all those cheesy pop songs or sappy break-up ballads without actually having to go out and purchase a copy that would then have to live in your music library for your friends and family to stumble on.

Those music nerds who are savvy enough know to disconnect their Spotify from their Facebook account in order to hide their listening activity and prevent that Britney Spears binge from popping up in their friends' Spotify feeds. Little did we know what Spotify would do with this data that they are constantly and systematically pulling and filing away...

Spotify's creative ad team did the unimaginable and actually plastered the oddest listening habits from local users across billboards in their area for a tongue-in-cheek campaign demonstrating just how weird 2016 really has been.

The billboard campaign made its debut in the US, UK, France and Germany this week. Peep some of the funniest ones below...

All photos - Spotify via Quartz