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10 Superstar DJs’ Superhobbies


DJs need to have hobbies when they're not making music, right? Techno Station shows us that DJs can have some pretty wild hobbies.

This article originally appeared on Techno Station

For some DJing is a hobby and for others DJing is a profession, and they have their own hobbies. We gathered the ones that we like the most:

Carl Cox is famous for his passion for bikes and racing cars. He even established Carl Cox Motorsport.

Racing seems to be a thing with techno. The Underground Resistance establisher Mike Banks is a racer and is working towards making the races legal in Detroit.

The UR track “Punisher” is written about his favourite car which has its own display in the Techno Museum.

Richie Hawtin called the Sake room at “Enter.” a Sake room for a reason. As a great fan of the drink, the techno genius decided to start his own label of the drink, named Enter. Hawtin sometimes takes the place behind the counter to treat the guests.


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