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Why Do We Get Angry When Artists Change


As fans, why do we get mad when artists change their musical style? Is it selfish to want to stifle artistic growth and evolution?

This article originally appeared on Baeble Music

New York-based Australian singer/producer Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, has released the very first single off of his first album under his given name, "Stop Me (Stop You).

The eight minute long cut consists of two separate halves, the first being an intense electronic explosion and the second, a somber piano ballad with the melancholic vocals highlighted. Murphy explains, "'Stop Me (Stop You)' is essentially two inseparable songs. Ying and yang of past and present."

Some would say that this change of name marks a musical rebirth, and we think that's absolutely correct. Although Murphy is continuing to make electronic music, there's a different energy to it. It's darker. It's confident. It's...proof that Murphy is indeed, a human who grows. We've seen a lot of artists change their musical style over the years, more recently Lady Gaga with Joanne, Bon Iver with 22, A Million, Grimes with Art Angels, etc.

What do we do when we watch our favorite artists transition into something else right before our eyes? Should we get angry because, Ugh! Fame Monster was just so good, Gaga should have replicated it on the rest of her albums forever? Or do we realize that, hey, the person making this music is actually a real human being (*gasp*), and they probably won't make the same music for their entire life because that would mean they will stay in the same place forever. I mean, no one listens to only one band forever right? The place from where we draw inspiration is constantly changing. When comfort becomes a normal feeling, it's time to change.


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