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Aphex Twins Shares Eerie Apocalyptic Teaser for Upcoming Performance

Aphex Twin has been kicking up dust since the recent announcement of his first US performance since 2008's Coachella.

Heading to Houston, Texas for Day For Night, Aphex Twin released a teaser promo video for his upcoming December 17th performance that is critical of the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominees.

Alluding to an impending nuclear war, the short 42 second teaser puts Aphex Twin targets on different regions throughout the world. Although the video promotes specifically the upcoming Houston performance, is it possible that the remaining targets could hint to an upcoming tour?

The video was created by media company Weirdcore, who have also released content for Tame Impala, Gwen Stefani, Radiohead and more.

You can purchase tickets to Aphex Twin's performance at Day For Night by following the link.

H/T: The Guardian