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Boiler Room Gets a Cold Return to the States as Police Shut Down Event

The cult-favorite Boiler Room brand ran into some obstacles over the weekend in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania.

The broadcasting platform has become world famous for it's traveling pop-up parties in intimate settings featuring performances from some of the world's most buzz worthy artists. Boiler Room is known for hosting parties in major cities with deep history and rich culture of musical expressionism, taking the party brand to locations all over the globe.

With only a handful of US dates, Boiler Room received a cold return to the states this past weekend in Pennsylvania when police arrived and shut down the second evening of the two day event.

An official spokesperson from Boiler Room has expressed that details are still not clear on the events that transpired to abruptly end the event:

"We don't have the exact details of what transpired, but for the safety of all our artists and guests we had to shutdown.โ€

As reported by Thump, one 19-year old woman was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning. The incident is suspected to have escalated as other event attendees began to record the altercation with police on social media.

Artists that were scheduled to perform have shared their thoughts on social media about what took place on the Pennsylvania lakefront. DJ Haram, Shyboi, and MikeQ who were slated to perform in addition to Danny Daze, Honey Soundsystem, shared their thoughts on Twitter.

It's a disappointing end to an otherwise highly talked about 2-day event featuring performances from the likes of Kamasi Washington, Blood Orange, and more.

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