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Spread Positivity with Apparel from Electric Family's 2016 Holiday Line

The holiday season is a great opportunity to freshen up your closet with some new Electric Family apparel. The electronic music community's own grassroots lifestyle brand is back with a whole new line so you have plenty of items to add to your wish list this year.

The 2016 Electric Family Holiday Line is all about spreading positivity and promoting peace with uplifting messages reminding us why we love the electronic music community as much as we do. Fans will not only find new graphics, messages and styles but affordable prices too.

From "Distribute Positivity" and "Stay Positive" long-sleeves and hoodies to "There is More Power in Unity Than Division" and "Make Peace, Not War" long-sleeves and jackets, this year's holiday line couldn't be more on-point in its styles and messages.

By advocating love and unity and teaming up with artists on custom bracelets that give back to the artists' charity of choice, Electric Family is increasing the connectedness and compassion amongst the global population.

"Wearing our products symbolizes your commitment to making a positive impact in the world - not just during the holidays, but year round."

There's no apparel brand in our community that looks as good and does as much good as Electric Family, so don't sleep on this year's holiday line! And if you're looking for the perfect gifts for your rave fam, get them each a custom bracelet from their favorite artist so they can show of their music taste while you both can feel good about giving back to a great cause.

Browse & Shop the 2016 Electric Family Holiday Line Here!

Browse & Shop the 2016 Electric Family Holiday Line Here!

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