EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Make Your Voice Heard at the Polls This Election Day! #WeDanceWeVote

Although 2016 has been a politically tense election season, EDM.com would like to remind you that your voice matters!

Tuesday, November 8th voters across the nation will cast their ballot to decide which elected leaders will represent our public interests. Although the Presidential Campaign has been capturing headlines across the country, we would like to express that your vote matters much more beyond just who is elected President. It is important for you to represent your own interests by voting in each election, including state and local elections.

As part of the dance music community, it's important to consider what a political candidates positioning is on issues that most affect us. Dance music has always been political; it's always been connected to the freedom to express ones individuality. We urge you to vote for a candidate that stands for common sense drug policy and is dedicated to protecting those who share our dance floors, including the rights of women, gays, transgenders, and minorities.

We're all in this together and #WeDanceWeVote is bringing together members of the dance music community to demonstrate that music fans are engaged with the political process. Your favorite artists Major Lazer, Destructo, Alison Wonderland, Anna Lunoe, J.Phlip, Boombox Cartel, and so many more have committed to helping to get voters to the polls.

Will you join them?

How do I vote?

Facebook's VoteBot is making strides to help bring clarity to the voting process. Simply head to Facebook Messenger and search GoVoteBot. The programmed bot will guide you through a series of questions to help you know whether your registered to vote, what your polling location is, and the deadline to submit your ballot!

Remember, your voice matters! Head to the polls tomorrow November 8, 2016 to ensure that we elect a leader who represents the will of the American people.