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EDM.com Spotlight

These Dance Music Artists Want You to Go Out & VOTE

In a lengthy essay on his website, Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar shared his two cents on the Presidential Election for those that might care about his opinion.

Bottom line, Bassnectar, said "no matter how jaded you are about the presidential race, if you want to see change on a local level, and empower other politicians so you have better Presidential choices in the years ahead, you MUST participate in local elections. Get out and vote!"

For those that do care about his opinion as a vocal artist and activist Bassnectar also said, "we canโ€™t let this ignorant, self-centered sociopath become President, and we have to try and improve the stalemate in Washington so that we can see progress in our country."

Above all else, however, the most important part is that you vote and make your voice heard so that the next president of our country actually reflects the will of its people.

Plenty of dance music artists have already gone out and voted today, and their tweeting to encourage their fans to do the same.