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The Best of EDC Orlando 2016


The Insomniac crew takes us inside EDC Orlando for a review of the madness that transpired in Florida this past weekend. From the stage designs and the crowds to the sets and overall vibes, relive one of EDM's biggest fall festivals with photos and reporting straight from the inside.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac

We can always count on Floridian Headliners to spread all the cheery love at EDC Orlando. This year’s festival was so packed with plenty of good vibes and vibrant energy, we’re still feeling it! While we know EDC Orlando 2016 brought a different experience for each and every one of you Headliners, here are some of our favorite memories from the adventurous weekend.

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Bassrush Crew Bringing the Flames

No, it wasn’t just the shit-ton of pyro being triggered with happy fingers at circuitGROUNDS, but that certainly didn’t hurt. The Bassrush crew turned up the heat on day one, drawing in some of the biggest crowds and baddest beats from this year’s EDC Orlando. We already knew Floridians love the crap out of their low end, however, they repped it harder than ever. The stage was slammed from side to side as each selector scoured through their USBs for the ultimate lit tunes that made the circular dancefloor feel the fire no matter where they were standing. The closing live set from Nero was one in particular we can’t stop thinking about, especially with the group’s singer, Alana Stephens, stepping out onstage to blow minds with heavy renditions of their hits like “Promises,” “Satisfy,” and “Me and You.” I’m getting sweaty just remembering it all. —Sam Yu

Daisy Lane, Electric Avenue and Rainbow Road Get Lit

This year’s EDC Orlando was the brightest edition to ever hit Floridian soil, and it’s largely due to the beautiful lights illuminating Daisy Lane, Electric Avenue and Rainbow Road. Aside from providing idyllic selfie backdrops for the ‘Gram, these three attractions really brought new light to Orlando and proved to be Headliner highlights throughout the entire weekend. Every corner of the venue looked like a highlighted section from a crayon box, which is a very nice way of saying it was lit, fam—literally. —John Ochoa...

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