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EDM.com Spotlight

Fabric Builds its Case By Submitting Evidence Ahead of Court Appeal

London's fabric nightclub has begun to submit evidence ahead of its November 28th court date. Fabric heads back to court to appeal the September decision to permanently revoke the license to one of the world's top rated nightclubs following the death of two young male patrons.

Fabric has begun to submit evidence to the courts to support the club's case to reopen. Included in this will be statements from 41 individuals to provide statements on the club's behalf. Two key statements will be made on behalf of the club by leading drug welfare expert Professor Fiona Measham and Adrian Studd, a former chief police inspector and who formerly led licensing for the 2012 London Olympic games.

This information comes from fabric's 4th transparency statement to help maintain a clear means of action with the public. The statement also details that fabric has submitted a 155-page Operational Policies and Procedures Manual, has made 32 suggestions for license conditions, and has attained accreditation from the International Service of Organization for its quality management systems.

The dance music community has rallied in support of fabric since an initial investigation closed the famous nightclub on August 6th. A petition sent to gain support from London's mayor Sadiq Khan received over 160,000 signatures. Campaigns like #savefabric have helped to raise over £315,000 in donations to support the club's legal fees as it appeals the Islington Council decision.

Artists have also gotten involved by releasing exclusive tracks and mixes that are only available for purchase - helping to further increase fabric donations. Respected techno DJs Scuba and Nina Kraviz have both committed to creating mixes for the cause. Scuba recently released fabric 90, while Nina Kraviz's fabric 91 mix is due out December 9th.

Fabric has also teamed up with Houndstooth for a massive 111-track compilation that was released on November 4th. Featuring all original and unreleased works, the #savefabric compilation was an opportunity for artists of all electronic music styles to contribute to the cause.

Join the cause by donating to #savefabric!