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Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known


There is no better time than now to remember that we are all on the same team, as Obama put it today, the day after America's a most divisive election. Let's do our part by coming together as a community and letting the power of music unite us as we celebrate our differences rather than let them tear us apart. In an interview with Baltimore Sun, live electronic duo Big Gigantic discusses the inspiration behind their latest album, Brighter Future, which carries a message of unity.

This article originally appeared on The Baltimore Sun

"All of Me," a song from Big Gigantic's most recent album, features Gaithersburg native and rapper Logic and the singer Rozes. Warning: Song contains explicit language. (Photo credit: Handout)

Dominic Lalli, the producer and saxophonist of the Colorado electronic dance music duo Big Gigantic, is the type of optimist who believes music can unite the divided. That’s why he named his group’s new album, released in August, “Brighter Future” and included a mission statement with it.

“We can express so many emotions through the language of music, and I feel like it’s a neutral place in our world,” he wrote on Big Gigantic’s website, “where people can come together and get on the same level emotionally no matter what their background is.”

Calling on the phone from a tour stop in Memphis, Tenn., recently, Lalli described the divisiveness in the country — amplified by the election season...

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