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How Tiesto Re-defined DJ Culture


Are you curious how Tiesto came to be the international DJ that he is known as today? Or, is it time for a refresher on the roots of one of the world's biggest DJs and one of the artists that helped to popularize dance music around the world? Exodus Las Vegas recounts the early days of Tiesto's career, from his first aliases, projects and collabs to the tunes and events that catapulted him into the spotlight.

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If it weren’t for Tiësto, DJs might still be spinning music from a little nook in the wall at the back of a club.

Tijs Michiel Verwest, better known as Tiësto, is considered to be one of the founders behind the rise of the EDM movement. Born in The Netherlands, Tiësto became very interested in music at the early age of 12, and was professionally DJing school parties by the age of 14. He became a resident DJ at several clubs in The Netherlands by the age of 16, and played mostly New Beat and acid house. He began releasing his own music in 1994 under a few different aliases. He has been known as “Da Joker” and “DJ Limited” just to name a few, but “Tiesto” would be the name to stick with him for life.

After releasing records on a label for a few years, Tiësto and his friend Arny Bink decided to start their own parent label in 1997, titled Black Hole Recordings...

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