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Adobe prototypes 'Photoshop for audio'


What if there was a photoshop for audio? Could we change people's statements retroactively? Adobe is working on a proto-type that may someday have that capability.

This article originally appeared on Creative Bloq

Adobe's annual MAX event to give a sneak peek at some projects its team are working on in the background, some wild and fanciful but some that could indeed see the light of day at some point in the future.

At Adobe MAX 2016, amongst the sneak previews was Project VoCo, which Adobe developer Zeyu Jin described as doing for audio what Photoshop does for photography – speech editing capabilities that even includes adding words that did not originally appear in the audio file.

Demonstrating the software, Jin took a clip of speech and by simply typing new text into an edit box was able to add that text into the speech, in exactly the same voice. In other words, he 'redubbed' what the speaker has actually said.


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