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Lane 8 Reclaims the Primal Energy of Pre-Smartphone Dance Floors


In a new interview with Westword, Lane 8 explains what inspired his recent phone-free tour, This Never Happened, where he encourages to be present at shows in hopes of finding or realizing a deeper connection with the music and others on the dance floor.

This article originally appeared on Westword

Lane 8 at Coachella 2015.

Daniel Zetterstrom

When Daniel Goldstein, aka deep house artist Lane 8, released debut album Rise last year, heads turned. With tracks premiered by the New York Times, SPIN and Billboard and topping the Hype Machine charts, Lane 8 went on tour ready to connect with an army of new fans. Goldstein, however, didn’t expect the reaction to his better-known songs to be so, well…uninspired.

“Instead of having this huge moment in the show and having great energy in the crowd, the response would always be super-flat, and the reason was that everybody was just recording it on their phones instead of actually dancing and going crazy,” Goldstein says.

He recently moved back to his home state of California after following his wife to Germany and living there for the past three years. During his time abroad, Lane 8 released “Be Mine,” “The One EP,” “Every Night” and Rise on Anjunadeep Records, and Goldstein believes it was a much different experience than he would have had coming up in the States...

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