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Rounik Sethi

This App Turns Your MacBook Pro 2016 Into A Polyphonic Piano


Apple continues to bewilder consumers with their new, and perhaps unnecessary, hardware updates. Among the latest updates for the new Macbook Pro is the touch bar, for which a piano app has already been developed.

This article originally appeared on Ask Audio

Some were thrilled, others disgusted, as well as a wide range of emotional responses in between, when Apple announced the Touch Bar on the new Apple MacBook Pro earlier this year.

Well, rather than focus on the hate, we did a little imagining how the Touch Bar could be useful for musicians and producers. And with the help of very rudimentary Photoshop skills, yours truly came up with these five unique possibilities.

Now the new MacBook Pro has been out in the wild for a while, it was only a matter of time before someone turned the Touch Bar into a musical instrument interface. And we're starting with the most obvious one, a mini piano.


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