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EDM.com Spotlight

Get to Know Adventure Club Better With Their 1st Album 'Red//Blue' [WATCH]

Adventure Club, the Montreal-based duo of Leighton James and Christian Srigley, are heavily known for their early dubstep music which helped to cultivate a massive fan following.

The two producers started building buzz for themselves early on through their releases like “Crave You” and “Wait” as well as “Rise and Fall.” In 2013, Adventure Club sought to expand upon their sound by adding a larger component of electro into their sets with the EP Calling All Heroes, that featured the anthemic “Crash” and bass hit “Gold". The two tracks became part of a larger campaign for Electric Family, and helped lead the duo to play massive stages at EDC, Ultra, Coachella for the first time.

Through each track released you see a progression and evolution of Adventure Club, that took elements from Dubstep, Electro House, and even Trap, to compose a unique atmosphere with vibrant melodies that have come to define their sound. To promote the release, Adventure Club released five singles from their debut full-length album Red//Blue, including a lyric video for “Firestorm,” which helped to generate more excitement from fans for the new album.

Red//Blue, the debut album from Adventure Club was released early this month and featuring songs like “Fade” ft Zak Waters and “Crash 2.0” which became the official anthem for EDC Las Vegas in 2015. The album also has several big collaborations, including one with friend and fellow Canadian-based producer Hunter Siegel on “Without You”, turning it into a melodic banger.

Red//Blue features a dichotomy between melodic and slowed down tracks like, “Breathe” and “Ghosts” and more uptempo work like “Limitless” and “Reaction”. Each track has its own distinct feel while remaining true to the diverse and versatile sounds that make Adventure Club such a creative force.

We had the chance to catch up with Adventure Club about their first album Red//Blue:

EDM.com: What about Red// Blue means the most to you?

Leighton: Red//Blue is really a culmination of us growing as humans and musicians over the past couple of years. Our tastes have branched out so much, we wanted a tasteful dichotomy between our tastes. I think as a concept it’s more cohesive than Calling All Heroes was. We had more room to tell a story on this album.

What track for each of you is your favorite off Red // Blue? And Which tracks were the most fun to make?

Leighton: Ghosts

Christian: Forever

Leighton: The most fun to make was Without You with Hunter Siegel.

Did the success of your live performances play a part in the creation of Red // Blue?

L: It is indeed a big part of creative process that went into Red//Blue.

Our shows are for lack of a better term “emotional rollercoasters.” The colors on the album I feel like it really all comes back to the fact that we enjoy two facets to the industry that we really like. We love playing heavy music, more intense music and getting that physical experience. And then we also the emotional side the more hit you in the feels music. We’ve always been back and forth between that energy and then the feels. That’s what we always try to incorporate into our sets is that heavy, rage session and then that emotional feel-sy area. When it came to getting close to finishing the album we were realizing that we have a really aggressive, pretty obvious back and forth - it went right down the middle - between some of the songs. The branding that we’ve had has always been red and blue, so it always played in nicely”.

You've gone from playing shows at McGill to playing festivals like Ultra, Il Soniq, EDC Las Vegas, and Coachella, which performances stand out to you?

L: Funny enough you should mention those shows. Each of those we’re goal shows / milestones we had made for ourselves when we finally realized Adventure Club was what we wanted to pursue full time. Coachella at the time was like THE ONE. To finally be on the Sahara Tent playing our music in front of an ocean of fans was really something that we’ll remember forever.

What song off Red // Blue are you most excited for fans to hear you play live?

L: Firestorm. We’re hoping to hear a the roar of lyrics.

What can we expect to see from adventure Club in 2017?

L: More remixes, another EP and the best part…. MORE SHOWS