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Revisit All the Feels With Our Top Tracks from Porter Robinson

Even though Porter Robinson has spent most of 2016 focusing on his joint tour with Madeon, his early hits from Worlds and his early catalog are still some of the most iconic songs in EDM music.

Porter Robinson, aka the master of feels, has been producing music since he was only 12 years old. Which explains how the successful producer achieved international fame by the young age of 18. As a self-taught producer, Porter Robinson has received countless awards and recognition for his talent, including being named MTVu’s 2015 Artist of the Year and being ranked number 90 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list for 2016.

I think that one of the main things that makes Porter Robinson stand out so much as a producer is his incredibly unique style, which is incomparable to any other music out there. His love for anime and Japanese culture is incorporated into his music, giving it unusual, yet incredibly pleasing and recognizable style. Porter Robinson’s music is timeless. He has a way of getting into the heart of listeners through every song, remix, and live performance. So without further or ado, I present to you a list of the top tracks ever produced by Porter Robinson .

1. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (2016)

This song takes #1 by a landslide, considering it’s the basis of his entire 2016 tour. "Shelter" was released on August 11, 2016. For all of my Porter fans out there, this was a HUGE day in history. This track was the first music that Porter has released since Worlds Remixed in 2015. If you’ve had the chance to attend Shelter tour, you know that there were strong feels in the air during this part of the set.

2. Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy (2012)

“Easy” earns the #2 spot on my list, because, to be honest it’s probably my favorite song ever. The leads that were used in this song (right before the drop) create a buildup that is so genuinely exciting when listening to the song. Whether jamming in your car, or miles deep into the crowd at a festival, this track is guaranteed to give you infinite amounts of goosebumps.

3. Porter Robinson – Flicker (2014)

This track earns #3 because I think that it is the perfect showcase of Porter Robinson’s style. He uses bits of Japanese vocals, electric guitar, and other sounds to create a completely unforgettable sound with “Flicker”. I think it’s almost impossible not to bob your head to this super funky beat.

4. Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (2014)

“Sad Machine” takes the #4 spot simply because it’s a classic. This song is so popular that most people get excited after hearing the first three words, “Is anyone there?” This song has reached almost 9 million views on YouTube since it’s release in 2014. To make it even better, Porter wrote, produced, and preformed the vocals for this track all by himself. He describes the track as a “duet between a human and a robot”. “Sad Machine” will forever be a defining song for Porter Robinson.

5. Porter Robinson – Language (2012)

Porter once said that “Language” was his favorite song he has ever written, making it the perfect fit for #5 on the list. He’s said that his aim with this uplifting track was to create the kind of sentimental song that would make ravers cry. I’d say he’s succeeded. This track’s popularity has lead it to be remixed by multiple names in the music industry including Jauz, Anki, and Koncept.

6. Porter Robinson – Divinity (2014)

I would say that “Divinity” is also one of Porter’s most recognizable songs, with almost 6 million views on YouTube. This song has caught the attention and been remixed by one of the biggest names in EDM music, Odesza. The opening synth leads to this track are some of the most memorable sounds from the 2014 Worlds album.

7. Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson remix) (2015)

This song secures the #7 spot because of the drop and because of how different it is from Porter’s normal style. This song takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions starting with the whimsical female vocals into an insanely intense drop. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a drop quite like this one. This remix has over a million views on YouTube since its release in April 2015.

8. Porter Robinson – Lionhearted (2014)

Every time I hear Lionhearted” I get a little bit more inspired, making it #8 on this list. This song has a heavy amount of lyrics, which isn’t too common for a Porter song. The lyrics talk about being “Lionhearted” and “finishing what we started” making it a great track to empower listeners to take on whatever hardships they may be facing. The music video for this song makes it all the more exciting, featuring Porter himself painting the city with colorful glitches of light.

9. Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices (2014)

“Sea of Voices” takes the #9 spot on this list for being one of the most beautifully composed songs to hit the genre. The vocals, which really are a “Sea of Voices” create a choir effect of breathtaking angelic sounding hums. This song reminds me of the background music that would be playing on the journey into heaven. If you are having a bad day, turn on this track (full volume) and I guarantee it’ll get a little better.

10. Porter Robinson – Goodbye to a World (2014)

This song formally takes last on the list because it is always the last song to be played at a Porter Robinson show. This ties together Porter's World album, leaving listeners with a complete banger. Porter once commented that this track is one of his favorites that he created for Worlds. The opening main vocals in this song are ones that will resonate with listeners, fans, and festival attendees forever.

Cover photo courtesy of Rukes.com