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EDM.com Spotlight

Snapchat Adds New Shazam Feature So You Never Miss A Track Again

Snapchat has teamed up with Shazam on its latest update which is proving to be a dream come true to fans of electronic music.

You've been there, you're in the crowd at a festival and you're trying to Shazam a track to find out the name of that new undiscovered gem – and then, the fireworks start. You're desperately waiting for the app to identify the track, but you're missing out on the wildest moment of the night that will make your Snapchat friends green with envy. Switching between the two apps is too difficult when your phone's battery light is flashing during the climax of the evening.

No more, my friends.

Now you can share your music experiences in an even more intimate way, as Snapchat teams up with Shazam to offer track identification so that you can share the soundtrack to your night with your friends.

Simply hold down on the camera screen as the sickest beat drops

Whether it's sharing a cheesy song in a karaoke bar that rekindles a long lost memory with your BFF from kindergarten, or if you just wanna slide your crush a brand new track you think they'll dig, Snapchat is making it easier to connect.

Snapchat also unveiled a new group chat feature in Snapchat, keeping all of your social conversations in the same place.

H/T: The Verge

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