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EDM.com Spotlight

2016 Holiday Guide for Aspiring & Touring Artists

Electronic music is really a global community so I have been fortunate enough to be able to get in the studio and share ideas with people all over the world.

On average I spend about 7 months a year on the road touring. You find inspiration everywhere from being in a new city every day, whether you're wandering around looking at art, going to other shows in all these cities, or even people watching.

The best part of being on the road besides playing music every night— is sharing ideas, beats samples with my bandmates and just collaborating in new ways, but that requires me to have gear that could not only travel and use for shows but can also accommodate presentations, work in the studio and spontaneous collaborations.

Being on the road isn’t a normal life, and any musician will tell you that. With the holidays approaching I’ve put together a sort of "touring: survival guide" with essentials that you or you’re fellow artist buddy will sure want to get.

Alluxe Gear Picks

Ableton Push controller - I love this for creating beats on the road and also for my live show. I've been learning finger drumming a bit but step sequencing has been my favorite way to make beats for a long time. I do a bit of both in my live show.

Roli Block - I picked up this cute little controller from Roli when I was in London. It has a touch sensitive surface which is great and can be used for beats or synths or just about anything. It also looks really cool :)

UDG Trolley Bag - I can fit both controllers, interface, cables, hard drives and more into this bag which fits as a carry on as well. It’s very robust and I’ve used it all over the world.

Lacie Rugged Hard Drives - I bring several of these hard drives with me because they have a rubber cushion around them and hold a ton of data at 4TB each!

Apogee Duet - This unit is great because it sounds amazing, is small and portable and best of all is bus powered so it doesn’t require another outlet which can sometimes be tricky when traveling.

Livid Instruments Ohm - Livid products are made out of beautiful materials and have an elegant design and shape. I had mine customized with a wood and LED case to set it even further apart from the rest. I use the OHM for my live shows and every button, knob and fader has it's own unique job. Everyone always wants to know what it is!

JH Audio Custom In Ears - To save space and also so I can listen to music and monitor myself for shows I always have my JH Angie’s which have a very true, flat response.

Jade Yoga Mat - I can’t live without my favorite yoga mat since I practice almost every day. Jade is the cushiest, softest yoga mat that I’ve found. It’s important for me to stay mentally focused and yoga really helps me with that.

Every show is different. Bringing together my controllers, violin while improvising with effects, samples and loops, I am able to create whatever I’m feeling that night. With the release of my new project Contrast, I’ll be taking on the road once again, so keep your eyes peeled for my 2017 schedule.

Getting her start as a controller working for Ableton, Laura Alluxe Escudé was the first certified trainer in the music-production computer program and helped to build out Ableton's certification program. She has been in charge of programming some of the industry's biggest tours including The Weeknd, Miguel, Bon Iver, Iggy Azalea, Porter Robinson, Childish Gambino, Charli XCX, Drake and every Kanye West tour since 2009. Alluxe is also the founder and CEO of Electronic Creatives in LA, which is home to some of the most talented and sought-after programmers and controllerists in the business.

On top of all of this Alluxe is a touring music producer, DJ, violinist, vocalist and live performer. Be sure to check out Alluxe's new album Contrast which is out now and available for streaming and downloading.

Contrast, the new album by Alluxe

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2g2fwIc
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2dUKj89
iTunes: http://apple.co/2ebA6YV
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2gq94jl