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The Chainsmokers Not ‘Setting Fires’ On Streaming Charts After ‘Closer,’ But Why?


The Chainsmoker's "Closer" was on of the biggest tracks of 2016, but will the pop-EDM duo continue to find chart success?

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EDM pop duo The Chainsmokers have been setting fire to the streaming charts all year long, with four consecutive hit singles, including the longest running number one single of the year, "Closer." The group released another new single several weeks ago entitled "Setting Fires," which hasn't exactly burned up the charts since — but why?

Banner Year For The Chainsmokers

It's fair to say the year 2016 has been an unqualified success for EDM production duo The Chainsmokers, which consists of members Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. They started out the year with their first top 10 song on the Billboard charts, "Roses," which peaked at number 6, followed that up with worldwide hit "Don't Let Me Down" which hit number 3 on Billboard and was one of the top 5 streaming songs of the entire summer, and then simply smashed it with their next release "Closer," which hit number 1 on both the Billboard charts and the Spotify U.S. and Global Streaming charts, and remained there for months until it was recently toppled by The Weeknd's new release "Starboy."

After "Closer" had reigned on the charts for a while, The Chainsmokers came out with a new track called "All We Know," which quickly shot up the streaming charts to join it in the top 10. "All We Know" had a very similar sound to "Closer," and while many dismissed it as a somewhat inferior copy, it still managed a respectable placing, considering that, with the "Closer"/"Don't Let Me Down" juggernaut far from over, "All We Know" got shortchanged on radio play, as stations opted to continue playing the duo's former hits instead.

"Setting Fires" Is Not

On Nov. 4, after "Closer" finally began showing signs of slowing down, The Chainsmokers released a brand new single entitled "Setting Fires" featuring XYLO. The track was expected to follow in the footsteps of their recent hits and shoot to the top, especially as it was released as part of a five-song "Collage" EP which included both "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down."


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