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New Ownership Means Big Changes at Club Space Miami


Get the details on what's to come of the iconic Club Space, located in one of EDM's most looked-to hubs.

This article originally appeared on EDM Life

Miami’s 16-year-old legendary club, Club Space, is now under new ownership, and will be undergoing some major changes. The new owners are III Points’ David Sinopoli, Link’s Davide Denese, and Miami Rebels’ Coloma Kaboomsky, and they have exciting ideas for Miami’s staple club.

“I think the great thing about this club is that it gives us a lot of room for creativity,” Kaboomsky said to Miami New Times. “Space — in the past — has been related to outer space, mostly, and this is something David brought up, but Space is also room. It’s also creativity. It’s also dimensions, endless possibilities. I think we’re going to redefine what Space really means with how excited and motivated we are.”

The club was recently bought out from Miami nightlife veterans Justine Levine and Roman Jones. Space’s new owners are veterans of Miami’s nightlife as well. Sinopoli is the cofounder of Miami’s III Points Music Festival, and has also spent the past seven years booking live acts in hip-hop, rock, and indie dance genres at Bardot....

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