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Kaskade Drops New Version of deadmau5 Collab, Reflects on Past Year

Kaskade and deadmau5's "Beneath With Me" has lived many lives, receiving multiple versions from both artists.

The non-album single featuring vocalist Skylar Grey marked the second time Kaskade and deadmau5 have joined forces, their first resulting in the successful collaborative single "I Remember."

deadmau5 had previously described their second collaboration "Beneath With Me" as "a song about a dead person singing to a not dead person to come be dead with them. thats the idea anyway."

Kaskade released the collaboration with an official music video directed by Daniel Carberry on October 7, 2016, but has returned to the emotive song to offer yet another version.

The new release, "Kaskade's V.4" is a melodic, downtempo rework with added piano and synths that slightly lift the melancholic mood of the song to a more bittersweet sorrow with a glimmer of hope.

To say goodbye to 2016, Kaskade recently shared a "year end wrap up" with a playlist of all his remixes from the past year. Check it out below.

"If we look at our pictures and spend some real time looking at all we’ve shared together, it’s been a landmark year."