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Artificial Intelligence In Music Production: What Does It Mean For Artists?


As new methods of "smart" technology continue to develop at an increasingly rapid pace, researchers are looking to apply artificial intelligence to traditionally creative fields like the arts. Will a robot that can compose music kill dead the living, breathing, artistry of the musician?

This article originally appeared on DJ Tech Tools

2016 has been a year full of applying artificial intelligence to all kinds of problems. A lot of DJs and music producers are starting to wonder how these technologies could be implemented in their fields.

In this article, DJTT’s Steven Maude takes deep dive into current AI music projects, and how they could change the process of music creation in the very near future.

Artificial Intelligence in 2016

From language translation, self-driving cars, to beating humans at traditional games or learning to play classic games from the modern era, artificial intelligence (AI) is a big deal in computer science right now. Thanks to the large data stores that, for better or worse, technology giants are collecting, and powerful graphics cards accelerating the math required, we’re in a time of rapid progress in diverse fields.

The natural question for DJs and producers: what are the possible implications for AI in music?

Current AI Projects In Music

It’s still early days for music-related AI projects. But big technology names have looked at applying artificial intelligence techniques to music creation. The past year or so has seen several notable announcements:

IBM revealed their IBM Watson Beat project which they’re hoping to give the public access to soon. More recently, Waston Beat collaborated on a chart single – helping to write the lyrics:


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