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Flume Lays Beats & Vince Staples Spits Bars on Cover of 'My Boo' [LISTEN]

The internet's obsession with the Running Man Challenge helped to breathe new life into Ghost Town DJ's 1995 hit "My Boo". The song's revival was so popularized in 2016, that Flume and rapper Vince Staples have teamed up for a new cover of classic jam.

Vince Staples lays fresh lines on the old track, while Flume updates the production with a spacey and psychedelic intro that's more reminiscent of Animal Collective than a 90's RnB jam. Flume's signature future bass fusion with Vince Staple's updated lyrics is a major refresher for the classic track, bringing 'My Boo' into the new millennium.

Flume and Vince Staples are new to collaborating, the pair worked together on the track on "Smoke and Retribution" and recently shared the stage together during a performance in Sydney.

H/T: Billboard

Photo courtesy of Grimy Goods

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