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12th Planet Talks 'Gully Squad' EP & Dubstep's Resurgence


Billboard's Elias Leight catches up with dubstep veteran 12th Planet about the genre's resurgence and his latest EP.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Ramon Cho
12th Planet

In the year 2014, John Dadzie โ€” better known as the pioneering American dubstep producer 12th Planet, whom Skrillex, among others, counts as a mentor โ€” was in a funk. "I was caught in this place where I'm like, 'why am I even making music?'" he tells Billboard Dance. He barely put out any music that year, but this week, 12th Planet is back with the seven-track Gully Squad EP โ€” his second release of 2016. He's re-opened the spigot just as his genre is experiencing a new wave of popularity.

This is fitting, since 12th Planet is often credited with helping expose dubstep to an American audience. He came to the genre through its older, faster predecessor: drum and bass. As a young raver, Dadzie found a community in this scene. "You go to a rave and in the main room there's trance and a bunch of people wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and really big pants...

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