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The Easiest Hangover Cure from One of the World’s Best Chefs


Because when it comes to hangover cures, we're gonna turn to the professionals on this one.

This article originally appeared on Vice

Look, we know you’re a bunch of lushes. And while we’ve offered you myriad edible and drinkable ways to deal with the fact that you probably feel like a big heap of hungover garbage right now—a few examples that come to mind are the perfect Croque-Madame, the world’s best breakfast sandwich, and a Bloody Mary with enough garnishes to feed a village—sometimes you need something truly industrial-strength. Something concocted and tested by a true mastermind.

Well, if you know a thing or two about food, you may be familiar with Fergus Henderson. It just so happens that he’s one of the best chefs in the whole wide world, and, like many other people of the culinary lifestyle and profession, he loves to day-drink. It would be safe to say, then, that he also knows the wrath that liquor can have on your fragile body.

That somewhat insidious-tasting amaro known as Fernet-Branca has been a favourite of chefs around the world for decades due to its herbal punch of flavour and ability to calm your insides when you’ve had far, far too much to eat. But according to Henderson, it’s also the essential component of the best hangover cure.


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