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Electronic Music's Youngest And Most Successful Pioneers


Stoney Roads' Joseph Smith counts off the youngest yet most successful producers who are pushing the boundaries of the electronic music landscape.

This article originally appeared on Stoney Roads

The average age of an electronic music producer seems to be getting younger. I mean, it makes sense with how accessible the software is to come by, which - matched with the wonders of the internet - create the perfect tool for a gung-ho producer to find their audience.

However, as handy as that all is, it also means to becomes 100 times harder to cut through the rest, because as we all know, SoundCloud is a big place and EVERYONE is trying to make it.

With that said, we decided to take a look at some of the artists who managed to cut through and did it at a young age. Here are our five selections below, and feel free to comment if you have some others!


Porter Weston Robinson - whose name sounds like a character from Westworld - has been around for what feels like a long while, however he is only just 24 years of age...

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