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15 Installations Made Houston's Day for Night Festival a Lituation


Day for Night festival wrapped up its first event last weekend in Houston with rare performances from Aphex Twin and Björk. Check out the installations that made this party thrown in an abandoned post office particularly enticiing.

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Taking over an abandoned post office in downtown Houston, the Day For Night festival was a two-day music and arts extravaganza exhibiting 15 site-specific media art installations and musical appearances by the likes of Aphex Twin, and Travis Scott.

We were most glued to the festival’s light and sound series curated by Alex Czetwertynski, which featured some of the most exciting creative minds in the world, from former death row inmate Damien Echols to synthetic hair enthusiast Shoplifter. This year’s international artist roster delivered a stoned-for-effect display of immersive artworks and ambitious installations that got the 30,000 visitors mesmerized beyond comprehension. Festivalgoers spent hours wandering through the custom-built structures of VTPro Design's Michael Fullman's dazzling grotto of stage lights, United Visual Artists' (UVA) orbiting moons, and Björk’s life-changing VR experience. Here a breakdown of the best things we saw with our very own eyes:

(photo courtesy of Roger Ho)

Certainly one of the festival’s most rousing headlining acts was Björk’s eight-room exhibition of artworks in VR. The exhibition features works like Black Lake, a 10-minute music video directed by filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, and Stonemilker VR, another collaboration with Huang that transports viewers to a private beach performance of the first song off Björk’s Vulnicura album. The exhibit also features Notget, directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, where viewers witness Björk being transformed into a digital moth goddess right before their eyes. The strength of Björk Digital was that the mechanics and the gear needed to transform to another world were all there for you to personalize to your own experience. Not only was the it expressly individual, it was profoundly personal as each participant could sway and swing with the singing goddess. The installation confirms that Björk, with all of her Björkiness, was born for VR.


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