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Cross-genre experiments are what gets Getter going


The Straight's John Lucas talks with Tanner Petulla, better known by his fans as Getter, about his rap and metal EPs he plans to put out in 2017.

This article originally appeared on The Straight

It’s wise to take most things you read on social media with a grain of salt. With that in mind, when the Straight reaches Tanner Petulla at home in Los Angeles, a little clarification is in order.

On December 14, Petulla, known for the bass-bombed EDM tracks he produces under the name Getter, announced on Facebook that among his planned projects for 2017 are a pair of releases exploring very different genres: rap and heavy metal.

It turns out he wasn’t kidding.

“I’m about six tracks deep right now on the hip-hop one,” Petulla reveals. “It’s just me rapping with my friends over my beats. And I’ve been writing metal for a couple of years, but I found recently that you can do it all by yourself with MIDI instruments...

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