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OWSLA GM Blaise DeAngelo Talks Label's Five Year Mark & Moving Beyond Music


Music writer Elias Leight talks to OWSLA GM Blaise DeAngelo about the label's five-year anniversary and branching out into new territory.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

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Blaise DeAngelo

Since Skrillex announced the formation of his label OWSLA in 2011, it has quickly grown into a small creative empire, expanding to incorporate a blog/free music imprint, Nest HQ, a publishing arm that recently contributed beats and writing to albums from Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, and a fashion wing, OWSLA Goods. The label's stamp of approval matters — it provided early support to producers like Zedd, Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, and Marshmello, all of whom have become headlining stars.

That's an impressive resume, but according to Blaise DeAngelo, OWSLA's general manager, this is just the start. "We have huge, huge goals," he tells Billboard Dance. "What's next [for OWSLA] outside of electronic music? How do we take the lessons from electronic music and apply that to the next thing?"...

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