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How to Measure the Value of Playlist Placement


Crafting a playlist is a sacred art. Every song's placement in within the playlist should be carefully scrutinized to reflect the body as a whole. So how do you know if a playlist is a good one? Digital Music News shares

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While some playlists have a larger following than others, it’s important to target your outreach to get your music heard by the right listeners – ones that are likely to buy merchandise and come see you perform.

So how do you know which playlists will attract loyal fans? How can you improve your outreach efforts to get your music into more valuable playlists?

The best way to improve future playlist outreach efforts is to measure the impact of each placement you get. While there’s no definitive way to do this, you can accomplish some level of analysis by looking at different trends in your sales and on social media.

Here’s how to do that.

Attributing social media growth to playlist placement

Currently, there’s no way to directly attribute an increase in social media followers to playlist placement. If someone discovers your music in Spotify or Apple Music, there are no links to your social media accounts. And any listed merchandise likely doesn’t have tracking values placed in the URLs.

Because of this, you need to do some extra analysis.

You want to track how many times your song has been shared before you’ve been placed in any playlists. Then, compare that to what happens after each playlist placement. Shares can give you an idea of how much the playlist’s followers like your music.

On your preferred streaming service, copy the URL of the song that was placed in the playlist. Then paste it into this social share counter. You should check shares for your songs at least once a week to get an idea of what your standard weekly share count is. And, after each playlist placement to see how well your music performed in the playlist in terms of social media.


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