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Bonobo Shares Unreleased Sounds From the Early Years in New Mix

Ahead of his highly anticipated new album Migration, Bonobo shared unreleased, un-named tracks from the producers early career in a new mix for his OUTLIER radio show.

Bonobo, real name Simon Green, is an artist who has found success with his fusion of natural and cultural sounds deeply layered into forward moving dance music. As both a multi-instrumentalist and a DJ, Bonobo is often critically praised for his body of work including albums Days to Come and The North Borders which he is able to deliver to the stage in both live performances and DJ sets.

This most recent OUTLIER mix features unreleased tracks from Bonobo's early years in 1999 before the release of his first album Animal Magic. Originally recorded on tapes, the dull hiss of the unreleased tracks 1 hour and 29 minutes into the mix is a reminder of how innovative and forward thinking Bonobo is as a producer and artist. Recorded at NTS Studio in Los Angeles, California Bonobo debuted the new mix and shared a little information about the early tracks history.

This was something that I was digging around some in tape decks the other day and I found these tunes that I made like circa, I don't know what it was, like 1999 when I was making Animal Magic and I figured that I would probably play a couple of these tunes. And they've never been heard before. None of them have names, but this is one of them from like 15 years ago. So I hope you enjoy it.

Bonobo's latest new album Migration is due out on January 13th via Ninja Tune

H/T: Resident Advisor