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EDM.com Spotlight

Cannabis Gingerbread Village Built for Oakland Warehouse Fire Fundraiser [WATCH]

Photo source: PROHBTD

Chris Sayegh aka The Herbal Chef built what might be the largest gingerbread edible in the world.

"There's a lake. There's a chocolate swamp. There's a mountain range. There's a river that has cannabis soda coming out of it. There's a crashed UFO. There are houses, a giant Christmas tree."

The gingerbread village, which is made with all edible cannabis-infused ingredients, took over a week to construct.

It was made for a special holiday party held in Santa Monica on December 20th benefiting those affected by the tragic Oakland warehouse fire that took 33 lives earlier this month.

Read more about the gingerbread village and work of edible cannabis art at prohbtd.com.

Source: NowThis & PROHBTD