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Keith Armando Gomes

‘For me, melody is the key ingredient to trance music’


Keith Armand Gomes talks with Armin van Buuren ahead of his performance at Sunburn Festival in Goa.

This article originally appeared on Sunday Guardian Live

Armin Van Buuren.
Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren speaks to Keith A. Gomes about his upcoming gig at the Sunburn Festival in Goa, his long-term attachment to trance music and his creative journey across genres.

Amin van Buuren is a Dutch DJ who started with a radio show and landed on the largest global scale audience stages. Today, he is renowned for his formidable work in trance, which he professes he holds most dear to his heart. Having won many recognitions and accolades, he is now about to perform at the Sunburn festival, to take place in Kesnand District, Pune from 28-31 December.

In a conversation with Guardian 20, Buuren speaks about his own affection for trance music and gives quite a bit of insight into his own work as a DJ.

Q. You’ve had your shows across the global space. What about Sunburn India attracted you to it?

A. India. I love the culture; the food, the traditions, the people. It’s so different from the Netherlands. The all-round vibe is just amazing and has me coming back every time. And at Sunburn I’ve always enjoyed simply because it’s got the complete package of music, crowd and atmosphere.

Q. Your work stretches across trance, house and electro. Which among these has amassed the biggest following?

A. The scale of trance music has changed a lot! It used to be a club thing and nowadays it’s more about festivals. Which I think is great because there’s new talent and room for it. It’s a fantastic time for trance music. What I also love is that there’s a style for everyone. It used to be one thing: house. Now it’s so many, like techno, trance and electro etc...

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