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Virtual Reality Takes You To Cuban Raves


Since Obama lifted restrictions on travel to Cuba, Americans have been traveling in troves to visit the vibrant culture of the Caribbean island nation. And now, dance music fans will have a chance to experience Cuban electronic music scene with a new virtual reality film.

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Fifer Garbesi adjust the VR viewer of one of the participants in the recent Virtual relity Film Festival in Havana.

Fifer Garbesi is creating a virtual Cuban rave.

She’s making a virtual reality film about the Cuban electronic music scene which so impressed her when she studied filmmaking on the island in the Spring of 2015, because she thinks there’s something special about electronic music concerts in Cuba.

“I really want to show that this music adopted these different sounds from around the world,” said Garbesi. “But also incorporated this incredible Cuban tradition of amazing percussion.”

Take the song "Arroz con Pollo" by DJ Joyvan Guevara, or DJoy de Cuba. The production techniques he uses were developed in nightclubs in cities like Berlin and Chicago. But the rhythms, and the food references, are distinctly Cuban. You can listen below...

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