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Gone Too Soon: Remembering Musicians We Lost in 2016


Electronic Beats honors the inspiring musicians who were taken too soon in 2016. From soul singer Sharon Jones to underground party pioneer David Mancuso to icons Prince and David Bowie, the list doesn't promise comprehensiveness but rather sincerity in honoring those musicians who've left this earth but will never really die.

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2016 has been an especially turbulent year. This list recalls some of the musicians, artists and DJs who we'll miss dearly.

The past year has been a difficult one for music fans. Beyond the uncertainty that faced many of the world’s clubs, the year also was unfortunately characterized by the loss of a number of extremely talented musicians both young and old. Though far from comprehensive, we put together this list to remember the inspiring people we lost in 2016.

PAULINE OLIVEROS (30/05/1932 – 24/11/2016)

Although electronic and club music fans only discovered Pauline Oliveros over the past two years or so, her extensive career in contemporary “New Music” earned her place in the pantheon decades ago. As a founding member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, Oliveros worked alongside more famous composers and inventors like Steve Reich, Morton Subotnick and Terry Riley. But she didn’t permeate popular consciousness until Rabih Beani‘s Morphine label in 2015 released her last LP, Fire Above Sky Below Now, which triggered or at least coincided with a renewed interest in her music. In early 2016 she came to Berlin’s CTM Festival to conduct workshops on Deep Listening, a concept she pioneered in the 1960s that investigates hearing and listening, and just weeks before she passed an effort to fund a documentary about her life surfaced online. You can donate to the film here...

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