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Deadmau5 Goes to Bat for Meowingtons By Filing Trademark Petition

Meowingtons first stepped on to the scene in 2010 as deadmau5's furry feline became a internet sensation the same time as this producer owner. Professionally known as Professor Meowingtons, PhD, or as Meowingtons by his close friends, the beloved floof is now facing brand copycats.

Deadmau5 has filed a trademark petition against Meowingtons.com, a web-store that sells cat themed gifts and accessories after originally filing for a trademark on Prof. Meowingtons in 2015. When the application was rejected, deadmau5 learned of the Florida based company that he believes took the name out of admiration for the producer's work.

According to deadmau5's attorney, Irene Lee, the petition is being filed to protect Meowington's brand and influence:

"As a result of deadmau5’s fame, his cat -- whom he named and is commonly referred to as 'Prof. Meowingtons,' 'Prof. Meowingtons, PhD,' and 'Meowingtons' -- has become widely recognized in his own right and gained substantial fans and followers on social media."

Deadmau5 is positioning the claim as first use rights, since Meowington's brand first developed in 2011, while the web-store only recently launched in 2014.

Meowington's brand has had presence in much of deadmau5's marketing including album art, special edition merchandise, and as the subject of deadmau5's Meowington's Hax Tour. Professor Meowington's is also held in high esteem as the only animal to have a verified Twitter account.

H/T: Billboard