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Markus von Pfeiffer

I Lived by PLUR for 30 Days and Survived


In an interesting social experiment, Markus von Pfeiffer vows to live wholly by the pillars of PLUR for 30 full days. See what happened when he actively and conscientiously applies peace, love, unity and respect to every interaction and situation.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac

This is not a primer on PLUR. Ok, maybe it’s a primer, but it’s not a user’s manual. The following is about a guy who adopts the tenets of PLUR, literally and practically, into his everyday life for 30 days and gives us a daily play-by-play about it. Please enjoy his ride…

I am one for conflict. For this battle, waged in the dangerous country of MY MIND, I was armed only with what I have come to see as the twin precepts of PLUR: 1) Buddhism Lite: The world is fucked up/chaotic, and 2) The Golden Rule: Do people/neighbors how you’d want to be done. Unfortunately, the Golden Rule hasn’t exactly taken universal hold.

Admittedly, it’s ain’t easy. If you’re going to live PLUR and make it count, you have to be consistent. To successfully and for-real PLUR, “it” must be welcomed into every corner of your life. Every time a decision trots ‘round the bend: PLUR. Anytime conflict shits on your umbrella: PLUR. Life hands you a victory: PLUR. Human beings will test you: PLUR. Like a benevolent bullwhip, you must lash that shit out in all directions, all the time. Only then will others take note. And people noticing counts. Good deeds and good actions are of a viral nature...

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